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    Chris Pfeiffer in action [portfolio_slideshow size=custom width=640 id=49 autoplay=true random=false centered=false carousel=false navstyle=graphical navpos=bottom pagerstyle=bullets pagerpos=bottom] roaming around in Munich this short sample documentary was produced by accident. This is what can happen if you meet people from school 20 years later and ask them what they do for living. So finally, when I met …

  • Leopard Tracking

    [portfolio_slideshow size=medium autoplay=false random=false centered=false carousel=false navstyle=graphical navpos=top pagerstyle=thumbs pagerpos=bottom]     “I donĀ“t want to have an argument with these animals. Because if I do get into trouble, I am going to lose. I just strictly ask you to follow my orders, once we are facing these cats!” Tour Guide during our safety briefing …